The Importance of saving memories while we are raising our children!




I don’t just love my son, I love giving him continuous good memories. I’m not sure I will be here with him for so long, so I want to be sure that he will remember how much I love him for so long and I want to be sure that I’m documenting and sharing with him all our good times together so when his feelings grow up with him, the effect of this will be better and a reference will be always available to save his soul and remind him of the family effect in our lives.

I don’t recognize the reason behind being a father if you don’t give your children all the real value of being a father! The care, the protection, the fun, the memories, the today and the future and it is not always about how we try to build a better future for them as much as how we try to offer them stable life.

We need from time to time to print some good memories everywhere, social media activities, printed photos, recorded videos, shared games, trips, funny stories and much more to make sure it will be there for them one day when they grow up, we need to learn how to add value in our kids future even if we will not be there and while we are teaching them how to live and while we are learning with them how to live we need to know that 30 years later they should be good people like us and even better, but how can we do that? we need show them through documented memories that they should not be bad since they had always peaceful childhood and we need always to leave them memories to make them see that they were always our first and main life priority and they should do same with their kids.

Give your kids continuous unforgettable memories and don’t forget to document it, because tomorrow we will go but our memories will not.


Shadi Kamal Kandil